Getting Rid of Jowls Just Got Easier

Ah Aging! The biological process of getting older sure doesn’t come easily to most people. Not only does aging cause the skin to get loose, but the older we get, the more fat we lose from the face, too. At some point, the bones around the eyes and cheeks even start to decrease. These changes affect appearance in many ways. One is to cause jowls to form. Jowls are the sagging bits of tissue that form at the jawline on each side of the face. Once we see them in the mirror, they are difficult to ignore. At the same time, they seem impossible to treat.

What Causes Jowls

We get jowls because we age, yes. But there are a few factors related to this problem.

Vital Skin Proteins Break Down

For the skin to stay smooth, firm, and elastic, it needs a steady amount of collagen and elastin. As it turns out, the body doesn’t produce as much of either of these chemicals when it reaches adulthood. Some studies suggest that this has to do with a lack of vitamin C, which is involved in collagen synthesis. Others suggest that sun exposure breaks down the matrix of fibers in the skin. Whatever the cause, collagen and elastin breakdown are inevitable for most of us.

Our Genes are At Play

Our genetic makeup dictates quite a lot about how we may age. If you look back through your family line, you may notice that your parents and older relatives have the same, sagging skin that you’re beginning to notice. This could have something to do with the influence genes have over skin thickness (thinner skin will sag more quickly) and collagen production.


It should be said that, even with a healthy lifestyle, jowls may develop. However, we know that certain factors contribute to loose skin and loose skin means jowls. These factors include smoking, sun exposure, and weight changes.

While a few factors may be difficult to control, there are several that can be. These include lifestyle factors such as:

Now for the Good News

Jowls have historically been difficult to treat because we cannot infuse the skin with collagen. Well, we sort of can thanks to treatments like microneedling and laser resurfacing, but those provide subtle results. Today, one of the best ways that doctors can treat jowls is to left them using absorbable, biocompatible sutures. We do this with the Silhouette InstaLift procedure.

The Silhouette InstaLift is performed in the office with a local anesthetic to achieve complete comfort. Every treatment is customized to address specific concerns, including jowls and nasolabial folds. By inserting coned threads, Dr. Claytor installs a foundation to hold the skin in a tighter, higher position. The threads dissolve over time, but not before stimulating increased collagen remodeling.

Revive your look without surgery. Call 610.527.4833 to schedule your InstaLift consultation in our office near Philadelphia.

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