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plastic surgeryAt Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery Institute, men and women from the Bryn Mawr area have trusted resources in an experienced team of board-certified surgeons. Our goal in providing care is not to have the most extensive menu of services (although our menu does happen to be quite extensive). Our goal is to provide the care that each patient needs to feel their best. Cosmetic concerns are unique, so there needs to be detail in the treatment plan. Here, we will discuss a few of the common procedures that help us do that.

Facial Rejuvenation
As time marches on, it seems that collagen, elastin, and other vital nutrients march right out of the body. It is the loss of these essential compounds that leads to the most common complaints associated with age. The furrowed or drooping brow, the turkey neck, even aching joints are all related to the decrease in supportive substances. In addition to the natural biological changes that rob us of youthful skin and muscle tone, we also have to contend with external factors like UV exposure, stress, and pollution.

It used to be that, to address these concerns, we had to perform plastic surgery. While a highly effective solution, surgical lifting is simply not an option for many people. Now, we are able to implement treatments that not only reverse the signs of aging, but that can also be used proactively to slow the progression of age. Our patients benefit from our extensive use of injectable solutions applied in the most precise manner to meet their needs.

Body Rejuvenation
There really is no part of the body that fully escapes the aging process. Fortunately, body sculpting has become more advanced over the years. In addition to removing unwanted fat with liposuction, we can recreate (or create) curves that suit the individual body structure with abdominoplasty, thigh lift surgery, and breast augmentation. Body contouring need not always require surgery, either. Many of our patients get the results they are after with a few CoolSculpting sessions!

Regain the love you once had for your face and body. Call 610.527.4833.

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