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My Mini tummy tuck looks AWESOME!!

Tummy tucks with partial skin excision and no incisions around the belly button are called mini tummy tucks or modified tummy tucks. When patients do not have enough excess skin to need a full tummy tuck then they may be a good candidate for a mini or modified tummy tuck. The difference between the two […]

Tummy tuck. NO DRAIN, drainless tummy tuck

Tummy tuck without the use of drains is a novel concept that involves modifications to the classic tummy tuck procedure. It is not simply the same operation just without the use of drains. One of the modifications involves placing quilting sutures. While this is a widely used technique, it too has some shortcomings. First, it […]

Don't Freeze Your Eyeballs | Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery | Bryn Mawr PA

What is PAH after Coolsculpting!!

As Coolsculpting treatments reach the millions, more stories of PAH (paradoxical Adipose Hypertrophy) seem to be circulating. The process of cryolipolysis is effective and reliable at inducing programmed cell death. If the reports of adipose hyperplasia continue this may represent an opportunity for further investigation. However, in cases where there is excess skin involved there […]

Don't Freeze Your Eyeballs | Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery | Bryn Mawr PA

Don’t Freeze Your Eyeballs

Many patients have asked, “Well, if Coolsculpting gets rid of fat, why can’t I just put ice on the area I want to melt away the fat?” Nope. It will not work like that. And we would not recommend putting ice on your eyelids to melt away upper eyelid fat. Without adequate supervision you could […]

Filler or Fat

​Often patients will ask for volume replacement in their face to erase sun damage or years of damage from mimetic muscle injury to the soft tissue. Of course the quickest and least amount of down time would be a filler. This is a very good option sand will last many months. However, ultimately the bodies […]

Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation

Patient’s who have large abdominal excess lipodystrophy that are refractory to conservative measures such as diet and exercise may be candidates for non surgical treatments such as coolsculpting or even minimally invasive procedures such as liposuction with Smartlipo. However, in certain cases a full abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is in order. Consider finding a plastic […]

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