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Skin Tightening Philadelphia PAAging is a beautiful journey in many ways. As we grow older, our entire perspective on life – and how we live it – can improve. On the other side of all the joys that wisdom and memories bring are the problems created by all the squinting, laughing, crying, and frowning we have done while creating those memories. Of the various signs of aging, it may be sagging jowls that concern you the most. If that is the case, know that this is a problem you can address with personal care from your Bryn Mawr cosmetic surgeon. And there’s good news! Your treatment may not have to involve surgery!

Jowls: Why we Get Them

When we are young, the skin and superficial tissue beneath it drape nicely across the bone structure of the cheeks and upper face. With age, these tissues become weaker due to the loss of collagen and elastin in their matrix. From the mid-thirties on, we also begin losing fat tissue from the pads that lie over the cheekbones. With less substructure to support it, the skin starts to fall. Where does it go? To the lowest part of the face, the jawline.

Aging isn’t the only reason that a person may start to notice sagging skin and tissue across the lower face. In some instances, jowls develop as a result of weight loss. We know! That doesn’t seem fair at all! Depending on age and lifestyle, jowls may gradually decrease as skin naturally tightens. However, if too much elasticity has been lost, a little help will be in order.

How to Minimize Jowls

There are two ways in which jowls can be tightened. In is through a surgical face lift, but that may not mean what you think. The other way to tighten sagging jowls is to encourage natural constriction and rebuilding with non-surgical laser technology.

  • Precision Tx™ laser skin tightening involves treating superficial tissues with a Nd:YAG 1440 nm wavelength laser. The heat from the laser is controlled with the precision Thermaguide™ temperature control feature, which maintains surface temperature for greater comfort. Beneath the skin, heated fibroblasts are stimulated into production mode, and existing collagen fibers quickly contract for a tighter appearance.
  • Face lift surgery does not have to involve the entire face. When jowls are the primary concern, a mid-face lift may be conducted to restore smoother, younger looking skin. Surgery is the best option for the correction of severe laxity.

Dr. Clayor also offers facelifts for men.

We can help you regain definition along the jawline. Contact our Bryn Mawr office at 610-527-4833.


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