Address These Chest Issues Quickly

laser skin resurfacingWe give so much attention to the signs of aging on the face that we may overlook the appearance of the chest. For many people, this could be a mistake. When we conduct treatments to keep the face looking fresh and young, we do a disservice by leaving wrinkled, sun-damaged chest and neck skin alone. The problem with chest wrinkles and sun damage is that these problems have been notoriously difficult to correct. The skin here is not only susceptible to hyperpigmentation and sun damage but it also gets thinner with age, making it appear crepey.

Recently, we’ve come across several ways that the chest and neck skin can be supported and also corrected when necessary. On the store-bought end of the spectrum, consumers offer rave reviews for professional-grade silicone pads that adhere to the skin during sleep. As soothing and replenishing as these products can be, they are not capable of correcting the damage that has already been done. But there are other options, and we’ve got them.


Doctors used to use strong CO2 laser devices to obliterate the top layers of a patient’s skin. The rejuvenation achieved with this practice was substantial but so was downtime and risk. We prefer a gentler approach. While patients with minimal sun damage may benefit from IPL treatments on the chest and neck, more significant improvements are achieved with fractional laser resurfacing. Fractional lasers spread energy out into tiny pinpoints rather than one concentrated beam of light. This disperses energy across the skin for a gentler but no less effective resurfacing process. A few treatments may be needed to achieve dramatic results, depending on the degree of damage that has occurred. However, patients can resume most normal activities right away after fractional laser treatment.


Where lasers are often used to address issues like sunspots and tissue thinning, radiofrequency is often a go-to for tissue laxity. Like laser treatments, a radiofrequency treatment sends precision energy into the dermis. In the case of radiofrequency, the energy that gets absorbed heats collagen strands to the point of contraction. Additionally, cells are stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin, proteins that replenish the skin’s foundation. A series of radiofrequency treatments can smooth and firm the skin to look healthier and younger.

Remember all the parts of you that could give away your age. For more information about facial rejuvenation and treatments for the neck and chest, call 610-527-4833.

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