Liposuction: What you Should and Shouldn’t Do

Liposuction TipsLiposuction can help you make a beeline for the physique you have been wanting. Many men and women use this surgery as a way to put the “icing on the cake” of their weight loss journey. There are enormous benefits to be had from taking the leap, but that leap should also be carefully assessed. Here, we will talk about a few things you want to do, and a few things you don’t.

  • DO take your time in choosing the cosmetic plastic surgeon you want to perform your liposuction. Also do your research on the types of liposuction that are available today. Tumescent liposuction has been proven safe and effective, as has ultra-sound or laser-assisted liposuction, which minimize tissue trauma during surgery. There are also non-surgical laser liposuction procedures used today, but this approach is not likely to be as effective as surgical fat-reduction.
  • DO talk with your doctor about any questions at all regarding your surgery, how to prepare, and how to recover. Following post-operative instructions is vital to a smooth recovery. This means that you will be careful about listening to your body, and mindful about how much you try to do during the first month after your surgery.
  • DO avoid smoking and taking over-the-counter or herbal remedies not approved by your doctor. Smoking inhibits oxygenation to tissue, which gets in the way of optimal healing. Certain home remedies, such as vitamin E, can inhibit proper clot formation and also stand in the way of healing.
  • DON’T expect to see a new physique immediately after surgery. This high of an expectation can leave you feeling frustrated, and may even make you wonder why you went through surgery at all. Post-operative swelling will fade week after week. After about a month, you should see a better you in the mirror. However, swelling continues to subside for another few months.
  • DON’T choose a liposuction procedure based on cost or any type of special deal. It is vital that you know your physician’s qualifications in order to feel confident in the safety and precision of your procedure.

Liposuction could be your ticket to a svelte midsection, smaller thighs, or even a thinner chin. Learn more when you call 610-527-4833.

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