Dark Circles? We’ve Got Solutions!

Dermal Fillers Bryn Mawr PA | PhiladelphiaThe eyes are one of the primary facial features that get noticed. We may wear dark sunglasses at times, but we cannot hide cosmetic eye concerns from everyone, least of all ourselves. Often, we discuss the frustration of age-related eyelid changes. There’s just something about undereye puffiness and upper eyelid sagging that makes a face appear older and less friendly. These are widespread concerns that may worsen as we age. But there’s something else, something that can affect younger adults as much as older adults: dark circles.

Why do some people get dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes are not related to age. In fact, statistics indicate that many younger adults are seeking treatment for this frustrating problem. When darkness exists during early adulthood, there is a chance that it may worsen as collagen-depletion progresses. This isn’t because more pigment accumulates in the delicate skin around the eyes; it is because more shadowing occurs.

The undereye area is a particularly interesting part of the face. The skin is thinner and more fragile here than on other facial structures, which makes it susceptible to damage. For instance, rubbing the eyes can lead to lines, wrinkles, and sagging. Younger adults may notice dark circles because their natural facial structure exhibits slight hollowness beneath the eyes. The degradation of delicate skin can exacerbate this. In combination, these two very small factors can lead to the very big problem of shadowing beneath the eyes.

What can be done about dark circles?

Products exist to lighten the skin. However, if dark undereye circles is a shadow problem created by hollowness and loss of volume in the mid-face, no amount of topical lightening cream will achieve the desired result. In our Bryn Mawr office, we can administer dermal fillers into the cheeks and tear troughs (the curved boundary between the lower eyelid and the cheek) to plump superficial tissue. When tissue is raised to a consistent level, shadows disappear and, along with them, dark circles.

Not all dermal fillers are appropriate for use around the eyes. It is important to obtain treatment for dark circles, undereye puffiness, and other concerns from an experienced clinical injector. We would love to help you feel your best. To learn more about dermal filler treatment or to schedule your visit, contact us online or call 610-527-4833.

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