Is This What You’re Really After?

Facelift | Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery | Bryn Mawr PALong before most people set up an appointment with their cosmetic surgeon, they spend hours on the internet, scouring for information related to the cosmetic procedure they intend to have. This is an interesting pattern, this quest for solid, reliable information. What patients often discover is that their initial efforts on their path to look and feel their best is only partially fruitful. They may obtain the details they seek, but end up with a bit of a surprise once they are in the cosmetic surgeon’s office. Here’s how that may go.

Take my fat, please!

One of the most common complaints uttered in the plastic surgery office is related to unwanted fat. In many cases, the extra fat that is refusing to whittle away with diet and exercise is located around the midsection. It makes a lot of sense to consider how liposuction might help this situation. Once in the office, it may come as a surprise to learn that all you need is a little skin and tissue tightening. Liposuction is beneficial for patients for whom unwanted fat is the only issue. If the skin has become lax, and if muscles have stretched during pregnancy or due to weight, liposuction alone isn’t like to achieve the ultimate goal, which is a flat, taut midsection.

Neck Lift or Facelift?

In recent years, neck lift procedures have gained ground on the Most Popular lists of plastic surgery. There is merit to a good neck lift; this procedure can restore a bit of the angular nature to the chin area, and can eliminate crepey skin and horizontal bands. What a neck lift can’t do is refine the jaw line, and this is what surprises many people. If your ultimate goal is to take a few years off your neck, but you also have jowls that you’d like to reduce, a facelift or face and neck lift combination will likely be the recommendation. The key lies in how severe jowls are and how long you want results to last.

Cosmetic surgery is truly a personal matter, from beginning to end. We are thoughtful about working with patients to understand their desired end-result, and bringing what they imagine to reality. Don’t learn only about certain procedures, learn about the various ways your plastic surgeon can help you look the way you want. Call our Bryn Mawr office at 610-527-4833.

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