Feeling Old? It Could be your Neck!

neck lift main line | neck lift philadelphiaFacial aging has become a hot topic in the past few decades. Men and women wanting to look younger no longer have to sneak off to rendezvous with their plastic surgeon. No. Today, we just schedule an office visit for some injectables and we’re on our way! Non-surgical treatments have taken on a life of their own in the aesthetic world, and they have blown up the whole idea of aging gracefully. Tune in to just a few minutes of a Real Housewives show (pick one, any one!) and you will see that we pretty much aren’t aging. At all. We just keep looking plump and radiant as far as our skin is concerned.

Taking care of your skin

You may have taken great care of your facial skin by wearing sunscreen and applying the right moisturizing products. Botox and dermal fillers may be on your calendar every six months or so. And yet, you’re feeling the tug of age. Where could it be coming from? Your neck, that’s where!

What causes our neck to age?

Aging neck skin could be even more telling than facial aging. This area of the body is small and localized, and yet it can develop several problems, all in a few inches of space. The skin here is ultra-thin, just like the skin around your eyes. This sets the stage for crepiness to creep in overnight. One day you’re fine, then next, there is the telltale looseness front and center. While the lack of collagen is letting your skin fall, the platysmal band that runs horizontally across the neck is simultaneously unraveling, also falling downward. All this falling lets the fat cells beneath the chin let loose, giving you a lovely double chin which no turtleneck can hide.

It’s a Revival for your Neck!

If your neck is not in line with what your face is saying, you will look older than you’d like. When it is time to put effort into your neck (and when isn’t it), we can help you. Patients of our Bryn Mawr plastic surgery practice may be well served by our non-surgical laser neck tightening treatment, Precision TxTM. Depending on the desired outcome, neck lift surgery may be the ideal solution.

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