Why Facial Shape Matters

face proceduresWe are encouraged from a very young age to never judge a book by its cover. On the surface, this sounds like very good advice. However, it fails to acknowledge that this tendency that we have to make snap judgments has been hardwired into the human brain for centuries! We cannot help ourselves, even if we want to. We do have the ability to move past first impressions to really get to know the person inside the “meat suit.” However, assessing character traits based on appearance is something we will probably always do.

So common is the habit of quick-assessment that it actually has a term: face-reading. It’s more than an ancient Chinese secret, this habit. It spans numerous cultures and thousands of years. Here are some of the characteristics that are perceived based on facial shape and features.

  • An oval, or oblong face could mean that you work too much.
  • A square face may suggest an aggressive, but ambitious personality.
  • Round faces are associated with warmth and a caring attitude.
  • A triangular-shaped face portrays an energetic nature.

Does this Really Matter?

If you’re not into face-reading, it could seem as though the character traits that are associated with facial shape really have no bearing on real life. One study, which involved researchers from Brandeis University, reveals that this is not the case at all. Researchers focused on facial features of defendants in minor court cases, like intentionally running a mower over a neighbors rose bushes. In cases where the defendant had what could only be described as a “baby face,” only 45% of verdicts were not guilty (as opposed to 92% for more mature facial types).

Chances are, you have no intention of running amuck in your neighbors rose garden. The point of research is to help us identify how we tick. As it pertains to facial aesthetics, we are learning more and more about the value of proportion and angles. Fortunately, right along with developments in research are advances in aesthetic medicine!

Patients of Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery Institute have numerous options for perfecting the size and shape of just about every feature on their body. To see how your goals can be reached, call 610-527-4833.

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