Facial Aging? Maybe You Just Need a Little Fat!

Facial Fat GraftingFat grafting sounds like a technically advanced form of treatment. It is, but don’t let this fool you into thinking that this procedure is new. Due to its widespread use in buttocks augmentation, fat grafting is getting a lot more attention today. More than a great way to add contours to the body, this technique is very promising when it comes to facial rejuvenation. In fact, there aren’t many facelift procedures performed today without at least a full discussion of the value of fat injections.

Fat injections? From what?

To inject fat into the face, we must obtain it from someplace, right? This is one of the beautiful things about fat grafting: we take it from another part of your body. Because fat is harvested in this way, you can feel comfortable with its organic nature; that no adverse reaction could occur as it could with, say an implant or other foreign substance. Also, there’s something to be said for the benefits of removing extra fat from a place like the buttocks, hips, thighs, or stomach!

Why would we do this?

Why, when there is a full armament of dermal fillers at our disposal today, would anyone consider putting their hard-earned dollars into fat grafting? Besides the whole organic thing, that is. The capabilities of fat may surprise you.
The very nature of fat makes it uniquely suited to facial rejuvenation. When inserted into the receiving tissue, fat will grow right along with what’s already there. It will fully integrate; no separation. Here, it will also expand and contract naturally, as your facial fat should. If that isn’t enough to peak your interest, you may also want to know about the longevity of results from fat grafting.

Many people assume that fat grafting is less advantageous than synthetic fillers because a certain amount of fat will be absorbed. In fact, this painstaking process is quite successful at restoring contours, and at creating lasting results. Many patients enjoy a younger-looking face for up to 7 years, without having to schedule periodic touchups, as is necessary with dermal fillers.

The natural effect of aging is volume loss in the face. See how fat grafting could change the way you view your aging process. Call our Bryn Mawr office at 610-527-4833.

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