Getting Your Body Back After Breast Reduction

Breast reduction Surgery Bryn Mawr, PABreast reduction is a common procedure through which we are able to modify the breasts to a more appropriate size and shape for a woman’s physical frame. Breasts that are too large present physical and psychological challenges that seem difficult to overcome. Every woman deserves to feel confident in her appearance. Breast reduction can help with this. It can also resolve the issue of pain in the neck, shoulders, and back that develop from the forward pull of excess breast tissue.

If having smaller, more comfortable breasts has sounded like a dream to you, there is no time like the present to consider breast reduction. Dr. Bryn Mawr plastic surgeon has all the details, and you can learn more about this procedure in a consultation with our friendly staff. Read on to discover more about what comes after the breast reduction procedure.

Maximizing Recovery from Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is a straightforward procedure through which excess tissue is carefully removed and, if necessary, skin tightened over the breasts. The simple fact that there are incisions and excision means you want to plan well for recovery. Some tips for healing include:

  • Don’t rely on over-the-counter medication at first. The level of post-surgical discomfort that a patient experiences is difficult to determine. Everyone has a certain pain tolerance. Rather than wait to see where yours is, we recommend taking the prescription medication provided to you by your plastic surgeon. Typically, the need for prescription strength medication lasts only a few days.
  • One of the prime ways to maintain comfort is to minimize disruption to the surgical site. This is achieved with a surgical bra. Sports bras may be your new best friend a few weeks after your procedure. Initially, though, it is the surgical garment that should be worn at all times.
  • Showering? Don’t worry if you skip this grooming habit for a few days! Skin sensitivity and tissue soreness may prevent you from wanting to stand under warm water, or any water. This should pass in a day or two, and you will be back to your squeaky clean self.
  • An interesting question that many breast surgery patients have is “when can I work out?” This question is asked even more than when one can go back to work. First and foremost, we tell our patients not to rush their physical activity after breast reduction. Give it 3 weeks. At that, many patients do not return to work for 2 to 4 weeks.

Recovery is one of the crucial elements to cosmetic surgery, and we are here to see you through it. For more information on breast reduction, call 610-527-4833.


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