A Patient Wants to Know, “Can I Return to CrossFit After My Breast Augmentation?”

The first question that you should ask is will the implant be in front or behind your pectoralis muscle. You wisely have asked about the location of your planned implants in relation to your pectoralis muscles. While a simple answer does not address all of the complexities that are involved in breast implant surgery, at a certain point, you will be able to resume normal activities. This is directed by your surgeon based on the specific details of your operation and the amount of muscle manipulation that was necessary to achieve your post operative result. You are correct that implants in the retro-pectoral space will result in breast shape change with animation during muscle activity and this is to be expected. Wearing good bra support in heavy activity following breast augmentation is a reasonable measure to reinforce support for implant positioning.breast augmentation post op 3a

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