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Capsular contracture is a condition that occurs when the body’s scar tissue contracts around a foreign substance. The etiology for this is hypothesized to be reactive to an irritant, usually a micro amount of bacteria that normally co-exists on the skin. This subclinical infection can result in a fibroblast response which can result proliferation of myofibroblasts which contract to form a tight band around the implant. THis is usually a process that takes several weeks to months or even years to occur.
It is highly unusual for a capsular contracture to form in a matter of days. It is however, no unusual or in fact is more likely than not the scenario that a native breast that has a new implant takes several days to accommodate the now volume and can “feel” very tight and firm. Close evaluation by your surgeon is vital during this period as periodically a hematoma may form and this would result in noticeable asymmetry.

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