Getting Reacquainted with Exercise after Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation philadelphia | breast implants paA large majority of the women who visit our Philadelphia plastic surgery practice for breast augmentation share an interest in staying physically fit. Their reasons for wanting to enhance the size and shape of their breasts may differ, but the ultimate goal is usually to bring better harmony to their proportions. Shapely breasts complement the curves of the hips and shoulders, and have a way of balancing the body out. Because physical fitness is an important aspect of wellness for many women, the prospect of recovery after breast augmentation is a crucial point of conversation. Let’s look at what to do – and what not to do – to maximize the surgical experience.

Making the Most of Breast Augmentation Recovery

There are general guidelines for breast augmentation patients for a reason. This surgery has been around long enough for physicians to know what works and what doesn’t. Yes, every patient is different, but recovery is recovery; that is a simple point to remember. Maximum impact from post-surgical healing comes from:

  • Following instructions. We know your case, and are careful to dole out instructions for post-surgical care according to your needs. Where exercise is involved, the primary suggestion is to wait. Wait several weeks if you must. As we follow up with you after your procedure, we will discuss appropriate forms of exercise for your current state of recovery.
  • Listening. Of course, we recommend that our patients listen to our instruction – and follow it. But there’s more. Listening to your body is also one of the primary ways to ensure injury does not occur when you get back into the gym, or on the road or treadmill. Every form of exercise could work muscles you don’t think about. If your body tells you to slow down or stop, do it.
  • Resting a little more for a little longer. Strength trainers usually schedule in a rest day in between heavy sessions or big muscle groups. This is especially useful after breast augmentation, regardless of the type of exercise you are accustomed to. Schedule an extra rest day as needed. Remember, in a few short months you can be back to your old routine.

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