Can I Get Fat Transfer After Breast Implant Removal?

Breast Augmentation PhiladelphiaBreast augmentation has been one of the top cosmetic procedures for many years. Women all around the world have turned to this surgery to enhance their shape and their self-confidence along with it. As common as this breast surgery has become, it has not been without certain disadvantages. Some women who undergo breast implant surgery need to or want to have their implants removed at some point. When they do, they may want a secondary option that will revive their shape without the same risks presented by the implant route.

There are several reasons why breast implants may be removed. Outside of personal choice, some breast implant revision procedures are necessary due to leakage or rupture of an implant. Capsular contracture, the formation of firm scar tissue around an implant, is another complication that may require revision surgery to restore the supple, soft curve of the breast. Breast implant removal doesn’t always mean that implants have to be removed altogether. Often, revision surgery involves the replacement of one implant type with another.

What if I want another option?

More and more in recent years, we are meeting women who want an entirely different option for breast enhancement. As a solution, the fat transfer technique has been developed. Fat transfer is not a new type of treatment, doctors have been using harvested fat tissue for years in reconstructive procedures. The first major cosmetic use of harvested fat was the Brazilian Butt Lift. Over time, we began to use small quantities of pure fat cells to reduce wrinkles in the face, add shape to the cheeks, and even to shape the lips. Now, it is finally possible to increase breast size using the same concept.

Fat transfer breast enlargement is an excellent solution for women who are interested in a one- to two-cup size increase without the use of breast implants. The draw to this natural breast enlargement technique ranges from wanting an entirely natural look and feel to wanting a lower risk process. The minimally invasive procedure is two-fold, beginning with liposuction and ending with the insertion of fat cells into the breasts. Even with the extra step, patients typically recover more quickly from this technique than from traditional augmentation surgery.

Fat Transfer After Breast Implant Removal

There may be additional factors to consider when reshaping breasts after implant removal. Depending on tissue elasticity, the implant-free breasts may sag. Fat transfer cannot correct this. However, a breast lift can. For optimal results after breast implant removal, a combination of lift and enhancement with fat may be ideal.

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