Can Breast Implants Pop?

Breast Implants Bryn Mawr, PAIn our office near Philadelphia, we consult with many women regarding breast augmentation surgery. Of the various questions that are commonly asked, one comes up quite frequently: “can my breast implants pop?” Yes. Breast implants can pop, or rupture, as we refer to it. Breast implant rupture is an uncommon occurrence, though. Furthermore, if an implant were to rupture, the problem is easy to correct.

Why would a breast implant rupture?

There are a few reasons why an implant may rupture or leak. The most common cause is capsular contracture. This complication from breast implant surgery involves the formation of scar tissue in the pocket that holds the implant. A bit of scar tissue is usual. In the case of severe capsular contracture, scar tissue becomes so tight that it presses against the implant. Capsular contracture could develop on one side or both, and it may occur with saline or with silicone implants.

Other reasons why breast implants may rupture include direct trauma to the breasts, such as may happen in an auto accident, and spontaneous rupture due to deterioration of the implant shell or defect. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, approximately 15 percent of patients with breast implants may experience a rupture.

What happens if a breast implant ruptures?

The evidence of a breast implant rupture or leak varies based on the type of implant a woman has. Saline implants are much more apparent in terms of deflation. If a saline implant ruptures, the non-toxic fluid that filled the sac gets absorbed by the body, and the size and shape of the affected breast will diminish noticeably. Treatment for a saline implant rupture may involve replacing the failed implant or removing the implants from both breasts.

Silicone implant ruptures are much subtler. It can take years for deflation to become noticeable. This could be because the thick, viscous silicone filling is slow-moving. When it does leak from its shell, it typically localizes within the tissue capsule that surrounds the implant. Treatment for a silicone implant rupture may involve removing all leaked silicone from the capsule and replacing the implant. It is also possible to have both implants removed.

Breast implant ruptures are rare and easily correctable. If you are considering the value of breast augmentation surgery and have questions or concerns about the outcome of this treatment, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation at 610.527.4833, where we can discuss the details of the procedure.

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