Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift: What Each Can Do for You

Breast enhancement is a popular area of treatment for many women. It is easy to assume that enhancing the breasts means to enlarge them. This isn’t true in every situation. Here, we discuss how breast augmentation and breast lift surgery differ to achieve specific results.

Breast Augmentation for Increased Volume and Size

Breast augmentation is the surgery in which breast implants are inserted beneath breast or muscle tissue. This procedure is the most popular breast surgery in our country. It also is one of the most sought-after of all cosmetic surgeries in general. What breast augmentation seeks to achieve is symmetrical, proportionate size. This procedure is suitable for women who:

  • Would like larger breasts
  • Want to improve the shape and symmetry of their breasts
  • Have breasts that are relatively firm and perky

Breast Lift for Rejuvenated Shape

With age, one of the changes that most women experience is a loss of firmness in breast tissue. The ongoing decline of collagen results in lax, loose skin and connective tissue. These are what hold breasts higher on the chest wall. When breasts sag, the nipple may point downward or the breast crease may elongate. In this situation, breast augmentation alone will not achieve an optimal outcome.

Breast lift surgery is performed to reposition the existing tissue. This procedure does not increase the size of the breasts. However, it can result in the breasts looking slightly larger because a lift allows them to sit higher on the chest wall like they did years ago. Breast lift surgery may be ideal for the woman who:

  • Has drooping, sagging breasts
  • Is happy with her current volume and general size

The Common Choice

What many of our breast lift patients do is choose to combine the two procedures. This can be advantageous because a lift will naturally decrease volume ever-so-slightly. When the two are combined, a woman can choose the implant size that best suits her frame and her preferences and enjoy younger, perkier breasts.

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