What is PAH after Coolsculpting!!

As Coolsculpting treatments reach into the millions, more stories of PAH (paradoxical Adipose Hypertrophy) coolsculpting-1-1seem to be circulating. The process of crylipolysis is effective and reliable at inducing programed cell death. If the reports of adipose hyperplasia continue this may represent an opportunity for further investigation.
However, in cases where there is excess skin involved there may be a selection bias to treatment in patients where surgical excision of the skin along with fat removal may have been a preferable initial treatment. Thus, in such cases the PAH may be more an unmasking of the underlying problem and that simply liposuction alone may not achieve desired results. Skin excision with fat removal may be the optimal option. However, in selected patients delivering heat energy to the skin from a cannula may shrink the skin enough in conjunction with fat liposuctioning to achieve desired results

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