The Tummy Tuck Recovery

There are 3 kinds of tummy tucks and each type is indicated for a different body type.

A patient who has excess skin and even stretch marks from pregnancy with excess fat on her abdomen will do very well with a full tummy tuck.

A patient who has only a small amount of excess loose skin below her belly button with a flat abdomen above her belly button will do very well with a mini-tummy tuck.

Patients who have loose skin above and below their belly button with and a minimal amount of fat to remove and who are highly motivated to have their incisions very low to be fully hidden from sight when wearing a low bikini are better served with a modified float tummy tuck. This procedure requires releasing the belly button from the abdominal wall and floating in inferiorly. This means that unlike a full tummy tuck where the belly button stays attached to the original location and a scar is made at the site where the belly button is re-inserted, in the modified float tummy tuck there is NO belly button scar. This is very desirable for patients who do not want anyone to know they had surgery. The scar can be placed VERY low and be hidden even with a very skimpy bathing suit bikini. Make sure you ask for a plastic surgeon who has experience with the kind of procedure to at least hear all of your options.

The recovery from all of the procedures is about the same. By one month you should be able to perform most activities



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