Dr Claytor teaches MOC course at ASAPS in Montreal | Bryn Mawr PA

Dr Claytor teaches MOC course at ASAPS in Montreal

Dr Claytor teaches the advanced course in abdominoplasty and liposuction at the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The meeting is the national meeting for aesthetic plastic surgeons and brings together the thought leaders to teach the membership of the society the latest and safest innovations in cosmetic surgery. This year the meeting has a […]

ASAPS meeting in Montreal

The ASAPS meeting in Montreal has been amazing. We have been here with the office staff connecting with the latest techniques and devices with Plastic Surgeons from around the USA and the world. My course on abdominoplasty with liposuction was well received and was videoed for the ASAPS resource video library for education. We had […]

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Dr. Claytor presents at The Aesthetica American Society of Plastic Surgeons in Las Vegas. Instructs on No DRAIN Tummy Tuck

Dr. Claytor presents at the Aesthetica Meeting in Las Vegas. This meeting brought together hundreds of top Plastic Surgeons to a special meeting which focused on Cosmetic and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The topics included; facelifts, tummy tucks, blepharolplasty, breast augmentation, breast lift, abdominoplasty, fat grafting, non surgical facial rejuvenation, brachioplasty, total body lift. Dr. Claytor’s […]

Get A Second Opinion | Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery | Bryn Mawr PA

Get A Second Opinion

Seeing a second opinion exhibits sound judgement. You plan to have cosmetic surgery and you have had a consultation. But you still have questions. We welcome your inquiries and are happy to take the time to address all of your concerns. Our consult fee is waived when you bring in your quote for any plastic […]

Dr Claytor to Present at ASPS Aesthetica Meeting in Las Vegas this month | Bryn Mawr PA

Dr Claytor to Present at ASPS Aesthetica Meeting in Las Vegas this month

Dr. Claytor has been invited to the Aesthetica ASPS meeting in Las Vegas this month to discuss drainless abdominoplasty with associated liposuction. The meeting is ASPS’s inaugural meeting focusing just on cosmetic and aesthetic surgery. The meeting will cover facelift, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, body contouring, liposuction, brachioplasty, breast augmentation and mastopexy surgery. The ASPS society endorses […]

Shaped Breast Implant Preceptorship

Dr Claytor is invited to travel to Louisville Kentucky with other plastic surgeons for preceptorship with shaped and textured breast implants. Dr. Claytor is one of 10 plastic surgeons invited to participate in additional aesthetic precptorship and will travel to the Calobrace Plastic Surgery Center and observe live surgery. The focus of the training is […]

Dr Claytor Presents at the New England Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons

Dr Claytor presented at the New England Society for Plastic Surgeons in June 2014. Case series of breast reconstruction patients who had breast asymmetry following radiation. Neo-approach to the retropectoral position enabled placement of implants with approach through undisturbed tissue and reduced the risk of infection. Application for both lumpectomy patients as well as mastectomy […]

Dr Brannon Claytor: Faculty at American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery for Combined Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

  Dr. Claytor will again this year teach the advanced course at the prestigious aesthetic Plastic Surgery Meeting. The ASAPS meeting is held once a year and is host to the top cosmetic surgeons in the United States with many attendees from around the world. Dr. Claytor will be teaching the advanced course on abdominoplasty […]

Dr Claytor Presents Breast Reconstruction with Neo Approach

Dr. Claytor presented at the New England Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons in June of 2014. He reviewed his experience with breast reconstruction in patients who have undergone radiation to their breasts with subsequent changes to the shape and volume of the breast. Ne0-approach to the breast capsule allows for placement of implant reconstruction […]

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