Details You Should Know about Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery Bryn Mawr PAOver the past two decades, we have witnessed the development of multiple non-surgical treatments to fight the signs of aging. Because we have Botox and dermal fillers and lasers and light therapies and more, the idea of a facelift may seem outlandish. Not so. As many adults learn, facelift surgery is still the best way to achieve the long-term results that are desired. A facelift can restore a youthful appearance without disrupting natural features. To know if a facelift is right for you, it is important to become familiar with the finite details of this procedure.

What You Should Know About Facelifts

  • Facelift surgery doesn’t eliminate all wrinkles. A facelift focuses on the lower face and neck. It does not address the lines and creases that may develop around the eyes. A facelift also will not lift the brow. What patients do notice after this procedure is that the lines and creases around their nose and mouth are gone, and so are their jowls.
  • A facelift doesn’t restore volume. Recent research has taught plastic surgeons that tightening the skin is only one of the valuable aspects of a facelift. While we reposition tissue that has drooped over bony structure during facelift surgery, this does not bring back the full extent of volume. To achieve optimal results, we often complement the facelift technique with volume replacement using fat or fillers.
  • Effects last for years. A facelift is an investment that offers lasting rewards. The only caveat is that you need to take good care of your body and skin. Sun exposure without the protection of sunscreen will cause your face to age more quickly even after a facelift. So will smoking. It is possible for a facelift to take ten or more years off the face and for those results to last ten years or more. Maximize the return on your investment with quality skin care and healthy lifestyle habits.

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The techniques involved in facelift surgery focus on restoring the proper position of tissue to reduce the signs of aging. The results of our efforts look like you, only younger. We offer facelifts for women and facelifts for men. To learn more about how a facelift can help you feel better in your skin, contact our Bryn Mawr office at (610) 527-4833.

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