Beauty in an Instant: What to Expect from your Aesthetic Treatment

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments | Claytor Noone Plastic SurgeryAcross various aspects of life, we could describe the modern age as an era of instant gratification. There are exciting perks to this; we can reach into the pantry for food, whip up a meal in a matter of minutes, and we can even refresh our facial aesthetic in under an hour. Getting instantaneous results from cosmetic treatment can be very rewarding. We offer several procedures that provide immediate or expedited rejuvenation. Here’s what you need to know.

“Injectable” doesn’t mean Instant

It is easy to think that you can come into the office and walk out looking several years younger. In some cases, this is possible, but not always. There are a few ways in which wrinkle-reduction may be approached. The method that is most appropriate, even with injectables, will differ based on the type of wrinkle that needs correction.

Dermal Fillers for Smoother Skin

Dermal fillers may be one of the only ways to truly achieve immediate rejuvenation. These products, whether they are natural or synthetic, are designed to replace volume in the tissue beneath the skin. A natural filler, such as Juvederm, will do this with hyaluronic acid, sugar that attaches to water molecules to add moisture to certain parts of the body. When the cross-linked HA compounds bind to water beneath a wrinkle, that line plumps to surface level, restoring a youthful appearance. A synthetic filler like Sculptra deposits tiny molecules of a lab-made product, such as poly-L-lactic acid into a tissue to restore the foundation beneath the skin. The granules of acid in Sculptra also stimulate increased collagen production for long-lasting support.

Botox: Different Action, Same Goal

Botox is classified as a neuromodulator. This class of cosmetic injectables reduces signs of aging by interrupting communication between nerves and the brain, hence the term neuromodulator. Injections of either of these products prevent the transmission of acetylcholine, ultimately keeping the targeted muscle in a relaxed state. This action takes some time to reach full effect. So, while the face may begin to look refreshed within the day of treatment, final results are best noticed after about one week.

Kybella is a new injectable treatment that whittles away a double-chin. Multiple treatments are usually necessary for maximum effect, and results appear gradually over a few months. Wait time is a given, but results are well worth it.

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