Your Weight Loss Can Look Better

If losing weight was the New Year’s resolution you kept throughout 2015, you may be ready to celebrate the hard work you put in over this past year. If you hit your weight loss goal, or close to it, that likely means you’re eating a healthier diet, including lots of lean protein, fruits, and leafy green vegetables – and hopefully not consuming soda or other sugary drinks anymore. Congratulations! You should be kicking off 2016 feeling, and looking, pretty darn great! Wait, you’re not?

Great weight loss doesn’t always look so great on your skin
Whether your weight loss is the result of a slow and steady lifestyle makeover or a quicker reduction due to gastric by-pass surgery, either way, your skin might not be fitting your body as well as it used to. It can feel disappointing and even make you angry when you discover that when you lose that unhealthy excess weight, you lose your skin tone along with it.

weight loss surgery bryn mawr paHere are the two most effective ways to improve the appearance of loose skin that can be the result of serious weight loss:

  • Add some weight

Of course we don’t mean gain back the pounds you worked to hard to shed. Instead, gain some muscle weight by lifting weights. Gaining muscle doesn’t remove your extra skin, but muscles can fill up some of the space left by weight loss and help you appear tighter.

  • Start light, get heavy

Heavier weights will help you achieve muscle more quickly. The key is to go at a pace that can help you avoid injury. There are plenty of weight lifting apps and many effective plans are available free online. If your wallet can take it, hire a personal trainer for a few months until you become familiar with proper lifting form and technique.

  • Get rid of excess skin surgically

If you’ve tried weight lifting and don’t really see any results, it might be time to make an appointment with a skilled and trusted plastic surgeon to see what can be done. Call for your appointment today: 610.527.4833.

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