Mommy Makeover: Your Journey Toward Surgery, Part I

Mommy Makeover PAThere is no hiding the fact that a mother’s body is bound to change. Sometimes, enormous physical changes happen during the very first pregnancy. Regardless of the timing, changes to a woman’s breasts, tummy, and other areas may feel unpleasant. This doesn’t diminish the joys of motherhood, but it can alter the sense of self that is so important for every person. Mommy makeover treatment provides an opportunity to regain the utmost satisfaction with physical appearance, but the journey can seem long and stressful. Here, we want to lay out the road to a mommy makeover to ease the uncertainty.

Your First Step

The very first step in the mommy makeover process is to find the right plastic surgeon. Don’t rely only on friends or loved ones. Experts recommend that patients research a few different plastic surgeons and consult with at least two before deciding which will have the honor of helping them achieve their desired look. Only board-certified plastic surgeons are qualified to perform the customized series of procedures aimed at treating the Mom Bod.

Once you have selected your surgeon:

  1. Look at habits. If you smoke, stop. In fact, if you use any nicotine product, do what you can to stop. Nicotine constricts blood vessels, preventing optimal circulation to tissues that need to heal. Habits such as alcohol consumption should also be curtailed before surgery to decrease bleeding and bruising. Talk to your doctor about all supplements, vitamins, and medications you are taking. Some may need to be stopped or switched before surgery.
  2. Stock up. Before the day of surgery, have prescriptions filled. Also, stock the fridge with nourishing foods that can be heated up for easy meals. Finally, stock the house with entertainment that will make the recovery period much more pleasant. Think movies, music, and magazines.
  3. Prepare for recovery. It is no secret that recovery from mommy makeover treatment can be pretty intense for the first week or so. Patients should expect to need help. More than that, they need to assemble that help and discuss what will be needed during the first days of recovery. This may include getting help bathing, even getting to the bathroom, help with medications, and help with meals. Let’s not forget that some good old-fashioned supportive company goes a long way, too.
  4. Schedule enough time off. It can take a full ten days for sufficient energy to return after a mommy makeover. To ensure readiness, patients are encouraged to schedule about two weeks off work (this includes Mommying!).

Mommy makeover treatment can be totally worth it. With awareness and planning, the entire process can also be relatively stress-free. If you’re ready to schedule your consultation, call our Bryn Mawr office at 610.527.4833.

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